The Economic Impact of Casinos on the Local Community

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Casinos are regularly given a negative write-up in the media and the local community for enticing people through the doors, giving them the hope of winning substantial sums of money and then cleaning them out on the turn of a card. Many believe they’re fixed so that ‘the house always wins’, others think that it’s just luck and if people want to go and bet their hard-earned cash, then it’s their choice and if they lose, that’s their fault. This is why its so important to have regulation for online gambling sites and local casinos to make sure players are getting a truly random & fair chance.

Whatever your view is of casinos, bookmakers and online comparison sites like USA online casinos, you can’t deny the cold, hard facts – they’re great for the local economy. According to a study undertaken in Maryland in the United States, an area that is growing quickly in terms of becoming a popular casino and gambling region; the casinos themselves brought in $1.4 billion in 2013 which has helped to transform the local economy and has been used to redevelop areas which might otherwise have remained in a poor condition. Online casinos are now creating jobs in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania and generating millions in taxable income for the states.

In addition to the finance, the local casinos have brought employment opportunities to the local area in the form of casino staff on the games themselves, bar and restaurant staff, hotel workers, security, cleaners and other vocations; and in 2013 alone the Maryland casinos supported 8,000 employment opportunities – a significant proportion of the local community who might otherwise be out of work.

Sure, you can say that there is a counter-argument here that while the casinos are providing employment and a much-needed boost to the local economy they are also taking significant sums off the local people and visitors to the area who place their bets, but there is always going to be the discussion over whether people are right or wrong to go to the casinos in the first place. Those who are more financially stable have been famous for going to casinos to live the luxury lifestyle, while those who are not as well-off want a taste of the life. The problem is that when they start to lose in the casinos, it affects their whole family and that is what people dislike about them.

This can mean people lose their cars and even homes, but these are particularly extreme examples of what can happen when people get addicted to gambling. Those without the significant sums of cash have all kinds of options when it comes to getting their gambling fix, and those include playing online bingo, the kind of game that requires little or no instant investment – far from the hundreds, even thousands that need investing in casinos – and it therefore means that they can bet as little and as often as they can or like in games which are much more friendly on the bank balance so it’s a case of taking the high life and the risks, or the fun life with the sensible head at the same time.

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