Recent Euromillions Jackpot Winners

Recent Euromillions Jackpot Winners

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88.5 million Euro millions Winner from Ireland

From the time Euro Millions was established, the world has obtained numerous new millionaires. In 2017, January, Irish players became winners of EuroMillions jackpot for the 10th time.

An individual who was extremely lucky even became a winner of 88.5 million euros. Recently, he/she got in touch with National Lottery to collect the prize money.

Euro Millions Lucky Numbers

Lives transform forever, due to EuroMillions. The latest Irish millionaire is now able to live a life of luxury with 88.5 million euros. The winner’s identity is unknown. He/she won using the figures 1,5,7,17 and 23, together with 3 and 8 lucky stars. It is believed the ticket was bought in Glounthaune’s ‘Co Cork Shop.’


EuroMillions Winner from Belgium (31 October 2016)

A man from Brussels won a whole 168 million Euros at super draw for EuroMillions. Two days following the 11th October draw, the record winner presented himself to the National Lottery; he had with him the original ticket.

This middle-aged man who spoke French had been a EuroMillions player for 10 years. According to National Lottery, this winner likes football, movies and thrillers.

The winner played in Brussels distribution point and marked his own 2 stars and 5 numbers. In this manner, he was able to become the sole winner in the initial draw during the 11 October draw.

Winner’s Reaction  

The winner stated he found it impossible to believe it. He confirmed his win when he went home and used his computer to check the outcomes on the website.

When asked how he would spend this huge quantity of cash, he said that he would donate a section of it to charity. He wanted to share this fortune with individuals who needed it.

This winner is the hugest EuroMillions jackpot winner in Belgium. The other record dates from 9 February 2007. This was won by a player from Tienen region and contained 100 million euros. The hugest European jackpot contained 190 million euros. This is a record shared by a Portuguese in 2014 and a British winner in 2012.

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