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Not by Slots Alone: What Else Can Attract Players to Online Casinos?

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When you visit an online casino, you see dozens of colorful slot games. There is a wide range of them: fruit slot machines, games based on films, fairytales, and legends. But it is not enough just to buy slots for your casino in order to have a successful gambling business. Many gamblersstart to play online due to the fact that land-based casinos are banned in their countries. They are looking for those games, which they could find in land-based gambling establishments.

And what are the most popular casino games? That is right, roulette and card games. Developers of an online casino software solutionunderstand it, and for this reason, they produce not only slots but classical games as well. If your club does not have roulette or poker, then it is time to overtake arrears.


This is an old game with a clouded story. It was created either in France or in China. There is a version that it was invented by a famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.

The point of the game is very simple: you need to guess the color and the number of the cell on the wheel, in which the ball is going to fall. It is impossible to calculate something since there is a random number generator in the roulette game. Although there are some strategies that can theoretically help players to win, they do not actually have a solid ground.

There are the following types of roulette:

  • European – a classical roulette, which consists of 37 cells (36 red and black, and 1 zero).
  • American– a roulette with38 cells (numbers from 1 to 36 and 2 zeros).
  • A roulette without zero– a game based on the European type, but without zero.
  • A French roulette, which has 37 cells and 2 zeros. It is characterized by several unique features, for example, such rules as En Prison and La Portage.
  • An HD roulette is distinguished by the highest quality, and because of this online game seems super-realistic.
  • There is another type of the roulette game with excellent graphics –3D roulette.

The company 2WinPower, an experienced gambling software market participant, will help you to purchase the roulette game. The firm offers a lot of products from many famous manufacturers, such asNovomatic or EGT.

Card games

There are few people who do not like to play cards. It often takes place at home or in the company of friends. But in the casino, everything is much more serious and exciting.

The most popular card games are:

  1. Poker. The game appeared in the 16th century, and it had changed a lot since then. The essence of poker is to collect a winning combination of cards or to force an opponent to lay down. There are several types of poker (Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud), but the terms and combinations are always identical.

The main feature of poker is that it requiresself-possession and knowledge of psychology. It is difficult to win without these qualities because in order to do it players need to use a psychic bid.For being able to play this game successfully, you will need to have an experience and skills.

  1. Blackjack is a popular entertainment among gamblers, which is loved by everyone for its simplicity and speed. The task of the game is to beat the dealer. In order to do this, you need to score 21 points or to have a number, which is as close to 21 as possible, but not more. Each card has its value, from which the combination is formed.
  2. Baccarat – the game of French grand people where you will need to collect a combination of 9 points or as close to it as possible. If the combo is more than 9, 10 is subtracted from it. That is, 10 gives 0, and so on. Cards from 2 to 9 give the corresponding number of points, an ace gives 1 point, and a dozen gives 0 points. Participants can bet on a player, on a dealer, and on a draw.

Live casino

Live casino is a game with live dealers. In an online mode, it looks like a real casino with all its necessary attributes: dealers, furniture, equipment and a special interior. Dealers are often attractive girls who play the game cheerfully and professionally, communicate with players in a chat, and maintain the appropriate mood.

Why there emerged a need for a live casino?

Because players want to feel the atmosphere of a casino. After all, generally speaking, the casino is not only an opportunity to earn money but it is also a special culture and atmosphere. In some situations,people can’t visit land-based gambling establishments (they are banned in their countries, they are just tired, or they do not want to waste time), and for this reason, it is an ideal solution to visit the gaming club via the Internet from any place.

Manufacturers of the live casino software

The sale of an iGaming software solution (in particular, software for live casinos) is the main sphere of activity for many well-known companies. For example, the developer of html5 casino games, Playtech, makes the software of this kind, and the same is for NetEnt and Microgaming. Mostly they produce the most popular games: poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette. In addition to these games, you will be able to find Keno, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger.

There are companies,which deal exactly with the live casino software. XproGaming is one of them. It has modern studios in Moldova and Bulgaria. In its work, the company combines HTML5 and video technologies, as a result of which there are mobile versions of live casino games in its product range.

It is possible to buy or rent online casino software solution from 2WinPower. The company has proved itself to be a responsible market participant, which has thousands of implemented projects. In itsportfolio,there are html5 casino games, all card games that we have listed above, roulette, and even the software for a live casino.

The firm offers not only slot games for sale and the sale of online casino software solution. From 2WinPower you can also order the development of the unique software or you can buy an online casino, that is, get a profitable business without any problems. In order to do this, leave a request on the company’s website and the manager will contact you.

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