MMA Betting Requires Educated Guessing

MMA Betting Requires Educated Guessing

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Online gambling has done more than allow online sports wagering to become more accessible. Online gambling venues kicked open the door for wagering on all sorts of different sports. Everything from darts to cricket may be found on the deep selection lists at various online gambling emporiums.

Truth be told, many of the unique sports are niche ones. The fanbase wishing to place wagers on these sports is somewhat small. And then there are niche sports that grew beyond their initially small circle of fans. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is among those few. Successfully wagering on MMA, however, requires both understanding how the financial commitments of wagering and being committed to reviewing the stats of fighters. MMA fans need to stay on top of their game the same way The Professional Syndicate ( stays on top of horse racing.


Mixed Martial Arts Wagering

Wagering on mixed martial arts is similar to the way boxing wagering is done. If the favorite is -140, then a wager of $140 on the favorite only pays $100 on a win. With the underdog, a $100 wager would pay $140. This should make sense. The favorite is the fighter who is likely to win. So, the “lopsided” nature of the wager evens out the risks for the house.

For undercard and evenly matched fights, figures of -140 or -110 are common. With major fighters on massive win streaks, it is not uncommon to see incredible figures such as -2,500. Yes, that would mean a gambler would need to place a $2,500 wager just to win $100.

When a top fighter is on an incredible win streak, a lot of people liked to take such a wageer since the bet is a “safe risk”. Such was the mentality of gamblers who bet big on Ronda Rousey when she fought the totally unknown Holly Holm. In addition to being one of the greatest upsets in the MMA history, the gambling sportsbooks probably made a massive amount of money thanks to that upset. And a few, a small number of gamblers likely made huge money on their wagers.

Making Smart Wagers

Most people interested in MMA wagering are going to direct their funds towards wagers they can afford. The aforementioned example of taking -2,500 is something far outside of the scope of anything the average person could afford. Most are going to stick with the -110, -140, and -150 matchups. These matchups, however, are generally even and making an errant wager without much thought could lead to losing and losing due to a lack of performing homework.

Things to Look at in Fighters

Wagering on a MMA fight is akin to making an educated guess. Hopefully, the guess is educated. The way to educate oneself on making the most seemingly logical is to look very closely at a number of tangible and intangible factors related to the fighters.

A fighter who is not showing up to training sessions on time or shows a very listless performance in training may be a very weak champion or contender. A fighter who has switched training camps and completely changed his or her physique for the better shows mental and physical motivation.

Gamblers should keep tabs on all these not-so-little things in order to make smarter bets.

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