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How Can You Win More Money in Fantasy Cricket League?

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Fantasy Cricket is one of the easiest ways of making money online. If you are an avid cricket follower and love cricket to the core, you can easily make big bucks by creating your own fantasy cricket team online.

We all know that there is money for the making in all kinds of fantasy cricket leagues. People play fantasy cricket league for cash on a daily basis and even make a living out of it. Here is how you can increase your winning percentage and earn more money in fantasy cricket leagues:

  • Opt for Match by Match betting:

Various fantasy league sites allow you to either bet on an entire tournament or bet match by match. Although the winning in match by match betting is lower as compared to that in a tournament, the percentage of winning increases as risk is less. Therefore, you would win more money if you go for match by match betting. Plus you would have less to lose, which technically saves money as well. By the end of the tournament, you would be richer than someone who bet on the tournament and lost even when you lost a few match by match bets yourself.

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  • Don’t Forget to Participate in Small Stat-Based Challenges:

A few fantasy cricket league sites offer bonuses and rewards for players if they perform well in the match or tournament. If you select a player who is most likely to be the highest run scorer or the one with the most sixes, you can bet on these small stat-based challenges and win if your prediction is right. This is an easy way to increase your earnings and win more money while playing fantasy cricket league for cash.

  • Only Play Matches in Which You Are Familiar with the Players:

Going for matches where you have no idea who is playing can always lead to disaster. If you have watched the players earlier and know how they play against the other team players, only then think of betting on the match. Otherwise, the uncertainty of cricket might end up costing you money instead of winning you some.

  • Keep Weather Conditions and Pitch Analysis in Mind While Picking Players:

The game of cricket has various deciding factors. Rain can stop a match and ruin your winning chance. DLS Method might come into play and you might end up winning a lost match. Dew could come into play or the pitch could be really dry. The sun could hinder a bowler’s or batsman’s ability. There could be injuries and lot of unscheduled stops. All these things should be considered while picking players. Go with the players who show consistency in all kinds of conditions and also go with players that have the specific match conditions as their specialty. All these can increase your winning chances and hence earn you more money.

Use these tips to get the most out of your fantasy cricket league account and earn big money.

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